What Health Experts and Ex-Smokers say about how Light-Free Smokeless Cigarettes helps smokers to stop smoking!

“I have been a smoker for 33 years, I quit only because of Light-Free Smokeless Cigarette. I found this product to be a ‘Life Saver’.”

Leslie R. from Bayville, NY

“I can say the Light-Free Smokeless Cigarette kept me from lighting up. Here it is 3 years later, still smoke-free, but holding the Light-Free in my hand.”

Mrs. E. Simon from New York

“I’ve been smoking for 48 years and am now on the (nicotine) patch, but without the help of your Smokeless Cigarette I could not have made it. Light-Free satisfies my needs.”

Barry F. from Cherry Hill, NJ

“I’ve been a non-smoker since the introduction of the nicotine patch. I’ve quit for good because of the more than 100 urges to start smoking again that Light-Free Smokeless Cigarettes have helped me beat. Thank you Light-Free.”

Martin P. from Los Angeles, California

“We use these Smokeless Cigarettes to promote our smoking cessation program. Also, we distribute them at health fairs and special events. Thanks again, you will be hearing from us when our supplies run low.”

M.S. from the Health Promo Department at Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, PA

“I am a specialist, who provides smoking cessation services for the Navy. I have found the Smokeless Cigarettes to be the most useful behavioral adjunct in helping my patients ‘kick the habit’.”

Dr D. P. Ford, specialist in Prevention Medicine with the U.S. Navy

Join the thousands of ex-smokers who have used Light-Free Smokeless Cigarettes to help them to stop smoking!

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