This world is going crazy.  I am not surprised that Americas credit rating went down. The politicians supposedly leading this country acted shocked at the news.  When anyone in this county adds on more dept their credit rating will go down. That’s how it works. pocket cloud So why, would a country be any different.  Do the rules change if its a country?

We all lost 31 brave young men in Afghanistan, it is so sad.  Men going to rescue their own.  How horrible it must be for their families.

The Syria government is killing its own people because they don’t like what their people have to say.  That is messed up.

Amy Winehouse dies of an overdoes.  With all music seemingly sounding the same.  She was the real deal.  She was doing things with music that was different and fresh and she dies at 27 years old.  Another artist loses their life at 27.

Now add on the stresses of life.  So, No wonder people smoke

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