How To Use Light-Free Smokeless Cigarettes

Quit smoking aids like our Smokeless Cigarettes are easy to use because you use these them exactly as you would a real cigarette except you do not light them!

For example, if you tap your cigarette on the pack or on a counter before you smoke it, you would do the same with our smokeless cigarettes.

If you place a cigarette behind your ear (as some men do) before you use it, you would do the same with our smokeless cigarette.

If you roll the lit end of a cigarette in an ash tray, you would do the same with our smokeless cigarettes.

Use our smokeless cigarettes when on the phone, when at work, when having drinks with friends and after a meal. These are some of the many examples that is part of the smoking “habit”. The cigarette substitute will help satisfy your urge to smoke.

Some tips on how to use our quit smoking aids,

  1. First, get comfortable with these quit smoking aids in your hand. Hold the same way you hold your tobacco cigarette. Do this for about one minute before “puffing”.
  2. Now bring the smokeless cigarette to your lips and puff it.
  3. Remove the smokeless cigarette from your mouth and inhale all the fresh air into your lungs (this will give you the feeling as if are inhaling smoke).
  4. Now, when you exhale imagine that you see smoke.
  5. Finally, moisten your lips again for a satisfying cigarette taste.

One of these Quit Smoking Aids lasts all day. Order Now and take your choice of One Month, Two Month or Three Month Supply! Starting at an amazingly low price of only $24.95. Less than a carton of your favorite brand of tobacco cigarettes!

If you have any questions about our Quit Smoking Aids, contact us today!

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