Quitting Smoking Side Effects

There are side effects to a person’s body and mind when attempting the task of quitting the habit of smoking cigarettes. These side effects are many and varied. There are good effects and bad effects. Although the bad side effects are hard to endure, they only last a few days while the good side effects far outweigh the bad and will immediately make you more vibrant and healthy.

Quitting smoking side effects – bad:

Headaches may be caused by increased tension due to the stress of giving up. It can also be due to the body now receiving more oxygen and less carbon monoxide, with an increased blood flow to the back of the brain. Taking a warm shower or physical activity can help relieve muscle tension.

Feelings of nausea may be connected to dizziness that is actually the result of your bloodstream adjusting to carrying more oxygen and less carbon monoxide. The drop in blood pressure once you stop smoking can also result in dizziness.

Nicotine craving side effects can continue for a while after you stop smoking, although individual cravings may only last a matter of seconds before the urge passes. This is precisely when the Light-Free product will be the most effective. Hold it between your fingers and put in your mouth until this urge goes away. If you smoked at a particular time each day or in certain social or stressful situations this is when Light-Free will be most helpful.

Depression can be an effect of quitting smoking. Try to remain positive and use Light-Free to get through the tough times.

Weight Gain: Smoking works as an appetite suppressant so once you quit, it is normal for your appetite to increase. Some people find that eating replaces the hand to mouth action of smoking and fulfils the desire to do something with their hands. Light-Free address both of these issues to help one from gaining weight.

Irritability and frustration are common effects of giving up any habit, as in when they stop smoking. Light-Free can fill this gap. Exercise is also helpful.

As a stimulant, nicotine can increase intestinal movement and suddenly removing nicotine can temporary slow the system as it returns to a normal state. Drinking plenty of liquids, including coffee, and eating a diet that contains roughage and getting plenty of exercise will help.

Dry mouth can be brought on by the stress of stopping smoking. Moisten the tip of a Light-Free with your saliva and it will help alleviate this symptom.

Quitting smoking side effects – good:

Second Hand Smoke: The best thing you can do for those around you and those you love is to quit smoking. Every bad side effect that happens to the smoker is also happening to those who come in contact with the smoke from a cigarette – even if they do not smoke themselves.

Once you quit smoking, you will almost immediately have better breathing capacity and endurance.

  • No nicotine stains on fingers and teeth
  • Odor associated with cigarette smoking
  • Greatly reduced chances of lung, tongue, mouth, throat, esophagus, and other types of cancer.
  • Greatly reduced chance of heart attack and stroke

Enough said! The bad side effects are only temporary and you should feel better if you can get through the first few tough days. The good side effects last a lifetime.

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