How To Quit Cigarettes

If you’ve been a smoker for a number of years, it’s not easy to stop smoking even for a short time – let alone quit for good. Wherever you torn, wherever you go there are cigarettes, They are legal – in every pharmacy, gas station, supermarket, nightclub, etc., etc. It’s such hypocrisy. Smoking is restricted and/or banned everywhere these days and if you smoke you are made to feel like a social outcast – but they are legal and sold everywhere! It’s as with alcohol – there are huge campaigns against driving drunk and plenty of rehab programs and instructions, yet alcohol is legal and sold everywhere. If anyone was really serious about drinking and driving, any place that sold alcohol would be closed down and the only place you would be allowed to drink would be in your own home. Designated drivers? Let’s be serious.

So once you easily obtain your cigarettes, you get accustomed to having them in your hand and mouth and get used to the feeling of nicotine in your body. These factors also make it hard to quit smoking, but not impossible – not even that hard if you want to. You have to really want to, as with everything else in life. It’s up to us and our free will. There are many programs out there, just as with alcohol and losing weight (where again, high caloric chemical laden foods are legal and readily available). Four step programs, nicotine patches and gums, hypnotization, pharmaceutical pills and lozenges and others including crazy experimental things to do such as pinning your ears back!

But we do have our will – and we can use it! The physical effects of nicotine addiction pass in just a few days. If you can tough it out, it won’t take long to be free of nicotine. The harder part of quitting cigarettes is the hand to mouth habit – especially in stressful situations. This is where a totally chemical and nicotine free product such as Light-Free will be of utmost help. It will get you through, even during those tough parts of they day, when you feel like you need something in your hand and mouth. It is an invaluable tool in the war on how to quit cigarettes.

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