Help With Quitting Smoking

There are a lot of products, systems and programs out there to help with quitting smoking. There are patches, there are inhalers there are stop smoking clinics, and hypnotists who will hypnotize you to help you quitting smoking. Even though the makers of the electronic “cigarettes” don’t say it’s to help you stop smoking, the E cigarettes are another way that is being promoted to help you with quitting smoking. The bottom line is the only one that could help you with quitting smoking is you.

Making the decision to stop smoking is definitely your first step to achieving your goal. It has been proven that the best way to stop smoking to go cold turkey. Cold turkey doesn’t necessarily mean you just throw away your cigarettes and never spoke again. Cold turkey can mean no drugs to help you quit smoking like nicotine or Chantix. Quitting smoking cold turkey can mean putting away your tobacco cigarettes and picking up the LighFree Cigarette Substitute. You will find every time you have a LightFree Cigarette Substitute in your hand its one less cigarette you will smoke.

Doctors get lot information from pharmaceutical companies to help with quitting smoking. Fact is Doctors who never smoked can never know what you’re going through. Products that contain nicotine like patches and gums may help with quitting smoking but keep you addicted to nicotine. Nicotine is still on your system when using these products so it’s a lot easier to go back to smoking when you crave nicotine. As you know as a smoker nicotine is not the only thing you crave went quitting you also miss the feel of having something in your hand to hold and something to puff on.

Going cold turkey from nicotine does not mean you have to give up having the comfortable feeling and security of holding a cigarette in your hand. Nicotine will be out of your system in just a couple days the feeling for a cigarette to hold and to puff on seems to never go away. So make it easy on yourself, hold, puff and enjoy the LightFree Cigarette Substitute. As I said before every time you have a LightFree Cigarette Substitute in your hand it’s one less cigarette tobacco cigarette you will smoke.

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