The Lightfree Story

Smokers know how important it is to quit; NOW. Smokers are prohibited indoors and outside. The cigarette smoking habit encompasses more then just addiction to nicotine. Among the other components is the satisfaction of taste and feel. Smokers like the feel of a cigarette in there hands and for many, these senses are powerful habits to kick, maybe more so then the nicotine addiction.

Nicotine addiction has been addressed with products such as patches, gums, inhalers, and dangerous vapor e-cig and prescription pills. These products may help smokers stop “smoking” by satisfying their nicotine addiction, only they keep the smoker addicted to nicotine. As a result, always being a slave to tobacco. We focus on helping smokers kick the nicotine addiction safely without drugs. Smokers may not even realize they are quitting smoking

The Light-Free Smokeless Cigarette is a plain paper tube filled with cigarette filter material with the look and feel of real cigarettes. Smokers, hold LightFree as you would hold your tobacco cigarette. Take a puff of air. There is no tobacco in it, it is not lighted and nothing is ingested into the body. It is the “get you through the day” completely safe stop smoking helper. It is so effective because it totally satisfies the need for the feel of a cigarette in the hand and to “puff” on. Light-Free is safer then the patches, gums, inhalers and prescription pills. It can be used very effectively on its own or in conjunction with those nicotine products.

Light-Free is comfortable to smokers the moment they hold it into their hand. Every time smokers enjoy a Light-Free Smokeless Cigarette it is one less dangerous tobacco cigarette they will smoke.

The totally safe LightFree Cigarette helps you quit tobacco easily, effectively and for good.

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